“The most experienced people still fail at what they do. It is about being open to learning.”

Seun Onigbinde, Lead Partner, BudgIT

Get lost in the world of Tech.

A book that teaches you how to transition from a newbie to a techie and everything you need to know about transitioning.

Newbie to Techie demystifies the purported difficulty of switching a Tech career especially for readers who lack any form of technical experience, giving the reader a practical starting point and several options to begin their transition to the career of their dreams (in Tech of-course).

This book also explains the confusion that comes with choosing a career path from childhood through adulthood, possible reasons for the confusion and how to understand the Internal beckons for a career switch. The focus of this book is to help the reader understand how to switch to a career in the Technology space (I.T.), whilst clearly defining the pathways available in the I.T. industry.

In “Newbie to Techie”, you’ll learn how to transition from a non tech career to a career in tech smoothly.

  • How to commence transition
  • How to pick the best role for you
  • How to network with people in the same field
  • Tips for continous improvement in your tech career
  • How to find a job

By the end of the book, you’ll have all the confidence you need to start your journey into tech with confidence.


Table of contents

Get a look at all of the content covered in the book. Everything you need to know is inside.

“Newbie to Techie” is comprised of 120 tightly edited, highly visual pages designed to teach you everything you need to know about your journey into Tech.

  1. Introduction

  2. Chapter 1


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Chuka Ofili – Hey there, I’m the author behind ‘Newbie To Techie’.

I am an experienced enterprise software architect with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Product Design & Development, Software Engineering, and DevOps with a strong entrepreneurship and professional background who graduated from University of Lagos.

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